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  • The Heart of Hades  (MxM Werewolf Romance) cover art
    The Heart of Hades (MxM Werewolf Romance)
    K. K. Winter・ongoing・original

    Zeno Silver: If I had to describe Rogue Alpha, I'd say a surly, temperamental pain in my ass, and if possible, everywhere else. Never would I dare assume a deal my father made would drive me right into the arms of the monster himself. I had become Alpha a few months ago, and all I wanted was to protect my people. I brought peace, well, sort of, yet the consequences came in the form of an unwanted husband. Alpha Hades: I never labelled myself, especially regarding my sexuality. Not that I had enough time to experiment when my life was a vicious cycle of grief and pain, but these days, I found myself becoming the leader, the Alpha of an unstoppable army. I knew what I wanted when I took the deal: easy access to my enemies' pack. Exchanging false vows with an Alpha leading the pack that would become the perfect pawn in my plan sounded like a no-brainer. Except my stomach flipped every time he looked my way, and my body reacted when he brushed by me. He had an effect on me that I'd never wish on anyone. With this connection between us, this pull, this need... I'm not sure either of us is still playing the game.

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